_DSC0638Françoise de Valera is a travel stock photographer and writer who is passionate about outdoor adventure travel (especially long-distance hiking and trail running), but who also likes to indulge in 4x4ing, road trips and the comforts of city photography.  The result is a substantial collection of natural-looking photographs, which transport you to little explored corners of unique destinations, and introduce you both to outdoor adventurers and to the people who go about their daily lives there. Many of the images are model-released.

Recent photographic adventures include a 500-mile unsupported hike across Arizona (over 7 mountain ranges above 9000 ft (2750 metres) and through the Grand Canyon carrying professional camera equipment as well as everything else), a road trip through Native American reservations,  regular 20-mile trail runs over the Seven Sisters cliffs near Eastbourne (UK) while trying to avoid bruising from her Nikon…  and more luxurious photography destinations, including Texas, Prague, London, Morocco, the UAE, Barcelona and the mountains of Tarragona.

Françoise’s next photographic trek will be following the river Ebro on foot for 950 km; from its source in northwestern Spain to its delta on the Mediterranean coast.

Françoise’s home is in Catalonia, Spain.